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Containment and clean air expert Telstar takes major step into Latin America

Telstar has taken control of 100% of its subsidiary in Mexico after signing a purchase execution contract with the company Bicor Technologies

Interflow finishes modular cleanroom for ERIKS

The industrial parts expert needed a cleanroom to assemble parts for chip machines and chose Interflow to build the 930 sqm ISO Class 6 environment...

Medical Technology Associates acquires Air Filtration Management

The controlled environment testing and certification expert has acquired AFM to further expand its northeastern US presence

How much air does a cleanroom need?

Many air change rate recommendations were intuitively developed decades ago with little scientific research to back them up and operate very far ab...

AirSon uses temperature-controlled laminar airflow for new project

Senior Material (Europe) has been working with AirSon Engineering to complete its 6,000 sqm new cleanroom in Sweden

NASA breakthrough in astromaterials curation cleanroom monitoring

The space administration has discussed its use of InnovaPrep's dry electret sampler to prevent contamination by more traditional sampler, such as l...

Designing a dry room for lithium battery manufacturing

A low dewpoint air supply will mitigate risks to battery production by creating a stable production environment suitable for the materials and proc...

XNRGY Climate Systems' Wais Jalali on decarbonising HVAC

A fixture of the HVAC world, the Chairman and CEO of XNRGY, the North America-based sustainable HVAC expert, talks about his career and his take on...

Erlab makes key partnership in China for sustainable building standards

The laboratory containment and air filtration expert has made the agreement with the China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research in aid...

OTTO Engineering nears completion of 5,000 sqm cleanroom facility

The cleanroom design and build experts have almost completed the project for which they were working on HVAC, building systems, and automation systems

Positioning microbiological safety cabinets for best performance

Microbiological Safety Cabinets must be positioned in the right way in order to ensure they perform correctly and safely. The Crowthorne team explains

Cleanroom Technology Conference 2023 | Review

Angstrom Technology, Ecolab, Elis Cleanroom, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, GEA, and more! All names you could have snagged yourself a conversation with at t...

Tecnimont chooses cleanroom expert MRC for $4m project

Italy-based engineering firm Tecnimont has chosen the UAE-based cleanroom expert for HVAC, electrical and cleanroom services

How much overpressure does a cleanroom need?

Room overpressure is the most overrated cross-contamination prevention tool, and this article should help better understand the actual effect and i...

Electric motor and fan producer Ziehl-Abegg enters Vietnam

The Germany-based supplier to the HVAC and cleanroom sectors has announced a new $28m facility near Ho Chi Minh City set to commence production by...

How augmented reality can help the HVAC&R industry to evolve

AR is becoming increasingly prevalent and is utilised in various applications and functionalities, but how can it help push the HVAC&R industry for...

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India-based Nuvotec Projects wins promising cleanroom firm award

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Vapac launches new electrode boiler with technology to minimise water and energy wastage

AirCare Automation introduces EOS LED lighting control system


AAF Europe and ClearSphere enter air filtration and equipment partnership in Ireland

Post pandemic transformation, collaboration & opportunities in Asia


Korea Air Cleaning Association signs business agreement with FITI Testing & Research Institute

MAT delivers turnkey UCV operating theatre project for Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

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Wiskind Jiangsu manufacturing base receives investment

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Telstar HVAC control system provides automatic regulation

New fan filter product SAM44

Absolute Carbon Filters - BS7989 specification for re-circulatory filtration fume cupboards

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