AirCare Automation introduces EOS LED lighting control system

Published: 24-Jan-2023

The new EOS LED lighting control system intelligently controls LED lights modules allowing variation of brightness and colour

A company with 20 years of experience with technology solutions Controlling Fan filter Units and Monitoring Environmental conditions in Cleanroom Industry. AirCare Automation now added a new feature for monitoring and control LED lighting conditions in your Cleanroom-Contamination controlled facility.

The EOS lighting, DLM digital lighting system is a compact, field configurable 2.8” Colour Touch Screen that intelligently controls LED lighting modules allowing variation of brightness and Colour. The EOS lighting provides two 0-to-10-volt analog output signals and offers several methods of room lighting control. Brightness can be controlled via a slider or numeric entry. Colour temperature can be configured for binary (two-colour), slider adjustable, or discrete values.

The EOS DLM can control up to 4 rooms/zones and 40 lights. The 2.8” package installed in a standard electrical gang box. Easy installed or take advantage of AirCare Automation installation team.

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