AirCare Automation finalises sale to new owner

Published: 19-Apr-2022

The Texas-based cleanroom air control specialist has been acquired in a recapitalisation

AirCare Automation has been acquired by the private investment firm, Falx Capital. The recapitalisation by Falx was completed on 31st March 2022.

Recapitalisation is the process of restructuring a company's debt and equity mixture.

The announcement has been made by Generational Equity, who advised the finances of the acquisition.

Recapitalisation is the process of restructuring a company's debt and equity mixture

AirCare Automation is a Texas-based supplier of cleanroom Fan Filter Unit (FFU) Control Systems for regulated air control environments. Cleanroom Technology interviewed the Global VP of Sales for AirCare Automation, Shawn Manuel, last year.

Established in 2003, the company has increasingly combined expertise in AC motor speed control, ECM fan motor interfaces, and Cleanroom Control Systems (Consoles and environmental sensors) to provide a total support package for monitoring and controlling cleanroom environments.

Originally established as a controls supplier to downstream OEM FFU markets, in the past several years the company has evolved its services to include complete controls and system integration packages to new and existing sites.

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Falx's aim with its acquisitions is to partner with existing management teams or bring in new management to build upon the legacy of a business and provide flexible capital solutions to its owners. By leveraging their professional experience and established industry network, they are able to provide differentiated insights and best practices to create long-term value for all stakeholders.

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