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Daring competitor enters European contamination control market with major acquisitions

The Riverside Company has made the bold leap into the contamination control industry in Europe with the acquisitions of Germany-based Dastex and Sw...

PPE recycling firm ReFactory partners with CES following rebrand

The UK-based recycling firm has rebranded from ReWorked to ReFactory

CAI Engineering completes 3,000 sqm non-woven fabric facility cleanroom

Thailand-based CAI is an EPC and QVC service provider that works primarily with the cleanroom sector

Interview with AFC Chairman Simon Chen

AFC Chairman Simon Chen looks back at the biggest impacts to the textiles industry in Asia from the pandemic, and lays out some practical ways to m...

New regulations on corporate due diligence in supply chains come into force in Germany

CWS says that a transparent and sustainable supply chain is particularly important in the textiles industry

Halyard chooses Integrity Cleanroom as PUREZERO* range distributor

Integrity Cleanroom has been chosen to stock the PUREZERO* Cleanroom and Life Science gloves range from Halyard

Clothing and hygiene of cleanroom personnel of ISO 8 and ISO 7 classes

Cleanrooms belong to an exclusive group of areas with special requirements regarding infrastructure, environmental monitoring and staff competence...

Operating a cleanroom: Consuming consumables conscientiously

In sterile applications, it is sometimes not possible to eliminate disposables, but this is not a reason to give up. Andy Whittard from Cherwell La...

Tickets now on sale for 2023 UK Cleanroom Technology Conference

Super early bird tickets are now on sale for the annual conference due to take place in Birmingham on 24 – 25 May 2023

Ansell sets aim for net zero PPE production by 2040

The new targets have been set would see the company achieve net zero by 2040 for its own operations

Selection criteria for cleanroom garments with the new Annex 1

For the first time since 2008, the GMP Annex 1 guidance for the manufacturing of sterile medicine products has undergone a profound revision. The r...

The regulations don't go far enough: Glove permeation testing in chemotherapeutics

Ansell Senior Director of Project Management, Eric Boeckmans, talks to Cleanroom Technology about why testing glove permeation ‘in-use’ is key to s...

Get ahead of the curve in 2023 with a subscription

Keep abreast of significant cleanroom technology developments around the world

Q&A: Halyard R&D Director talks cleanroom gloves for different sectors

Halyard Health's Siew Hoe Tan discusses the different considerations, requirements and advancements used when manufacturing gloves for semiconducto...

DuPont releases E-Guide on PPE for pharmaceutical applications

The guide examines how to protect workers against hazardous substances and prevent contamination in vaccine manufacturing and oncology drug production

Disinfection and sanitisation of the clean zones: Part 1 - More means better?

Regular well planned disinfection is crucial for a quick response in the event of microbiological incidents. Here Patrycja Sitek at CRK discusses a...