Electrostatic discharge expert ESD Center acquires "perfect match" ZENITECH.dk

Published: 8-Jul-2024

Sweden-based ESD Center has acquired ZENITECH.dk with a well-matched product range

ESD Center has acquired fellow electro static discharge expert ZENITECH.dk in what both parties felt was a “perfect match” with numerous opportunities to grow together.

ESD Center is a Sweden-based company that offers a complete range of ESD (electrostatic discharge) products such as packaging, instrumentation, personal protection, workstations and other products that can be required by the EPA.

ZENITECH.dk is a Denmark-based trading company that specialises in ESD and cleanroom products. 

The two companies emphasised their well-matched existing ranges as well as the possibilities to expand them.

The access to the Danish market for Sweden-based ESD Center is also a draw of the acquisition.

The ESD Center has acquired ZENITECH.dk

The acquisition marks a big step in the continued development of the ESD Center as a company and operations.

Further, the acquisition was made through ESD Center’s Danish sister company Columbia Mekan and legally the business will continue to be run as a separate department. 

ZENITECH.dk office and warehouse will continue to be headquartered in Kolding, Denmark, with the same staff and resources.

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