Lindström inaugurates new workwear unit in North India

Published: 14-Nov-2023

The unit is situated in the city of Faridabad, which is part of the Delhi capital region. Spread over 5,500 square metres, its capacity can be doubled to service 600,000 pieces of workwear monthly

Lindström Group’s President & CEO, Juha Laurio, highlighted the company’s commitment to the Indian market, stating: “India holds a special place in the Lindström Group’s global operations. We’ve experienced double-digit growth in India every year since we started. Even during pandemic, we continued to grow, stayed open, and provided customers with services. We’re proud to continue investing and servicing our customers in India.”

Lindström has over 2,000 customers in India in various industries, including electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and automobiles.

“This launch further strengthens our position in the industry, and with our increased capacity, we are well-equipped to meet the growing needs of our valued clients. The new facility is strategically positioned to provide sustainable and digitally enabled workwear solutions to clients in the region,” said Anupam Chakrabarty, Senior Vice President, Asia & Group Marketing, Sales, and Customer Engagement.

The company has long promoted sustainable development through its circular business model. It recycles 100% of its textile waste in India and optimises the use of resources, such as water, in its laundry process. As many cities in India face water shortages, these initiatives have a significant impact.

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“The textile industry consumes about 5% of water, and garments and clothes washed at home consume about 20-25% of groundwater. That is huge. We try to set up systems to recycle the maximum amount of textiles, use less water, and treat wastewater. Keeping in mind the impact on society and future generations, we are proud to be a part of the circular economy and recycling a large amount of water,” says Jayant Roy, Managing Director of Lindström India

Sanna Orava, the Counsellor in the Embassy of Finland, was also present during the inauguration and congratulated Lindström on its growth and practices in India: “Our robust investment in technology and trade, supported by the Indian government, will lead to job creation. This facility signifies much to the strength of Indo-Finnish ties, a symbol of prosperity and deepening economic ties between our countries.”

The strategic selection of New Delhi as the new location aligns with Lindström’s goal of being close to its customers and serving them in the markets whereit operate. This expansion not only increases capacity but also underscores Lindström’s commitment to sustainability and responsible resource utilisation.

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