Private space company Skyroot works with Radiant Air Systems and Airone Source

Published: 7-Sep-2023

India-based duct specialist Radiant has worked with Airone Source to contribute to the Skyroot facility's cleanroom ducting

Managing Director of Radiant Air Systems, Sandeep Galhotra, has talked about his company's association with the private space company Skyroot.

"We are honoured to be associated with Skyroot, India's first private space exploration and launch company specialising in futuristic space launch and vehicle design," Galhotra said.

India-based duct specialist Radiant contributed to the facility's cleanroom ducting and also worked with Airone Source on their product.

"Our gratitude to Airone Source for this remarkable opportunity for supplying our pre-fab HVAC ducting," Galhotra continued. "It has been a remarkable journey working alongside and we look forward to many more years of collaboration."

Airone is a complete solution provider in the air-handling industry, headquartered in Bangalore. The company provides its services to pharmaceutical, biotech, containment, semiconductor and electronic industries.

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