The new DPM pressure volume transmitter

Published: 9-Jan-2017

The DPM launched some time ago and has had substantial success. The instruments have been installed in a number of major projects in many countries in Europe. The main benefits for the users are:

Autozero facility...

which means the sensor is always accurate even at very low pressure measurement applications, i.e. 0.1 Pa.

Additional Calibration the DPM-120 only

which means the DPM would be equipped with additional calibration valves, which can be operated via the keyboard. The valve ports would be connected to additional pressure nipples on the front panel door to which the calibrator can be connected. There is no need to open the panel door anymore. As the valves disconnect the tubes from the field and there is also no danger that other instruments are affected. Calibration can now be done at any time without removing any tubes from the instrument.

Measurement and also Control Output ....

which means the DPM is capable of measuring pressure and air volume for monitoring purposes and also has a built in PID loop that can control damper actuators and fan speed inverters.

Alarm Output...

which means the DPM can provide a high or low alarm relay output or an alarm and buzzer output with alarm mute input.

Door Open Contact Input...

which means that, if the alarm mute facility is not used the input can be configured to be a door contact input to freeze the PID control loop when the DPM is used for room pressure control.

Remote Display of Pressure and Alarm..

which means a CMR remote display plate can be fitted to an independent Modbus communication port on the DPM and the actual value is displayed identically on the plate to that displayed on the DPM as it is transferred digitally. A remote alarm mute button is also provided on the display plate.

Modbus rtu Communication…

which means the Modbus rtu network communication can be connected to any external control or monitoring system and yet still provide local alarms and control outputs. All set points and mute can be controlled from the central computer system.

The DPM is supplied with a linearity of 0.25% and it comes complete with a UKAS traceable calibration certificate as all other CMR transmitters

Main Features in short

All Models:

  • Auto zero
  • Isolation valves for calibration in DPM-120 only
  • Overload protection
  • Dual output 0..10V - 4..20mA
  • Modbus rtu communication for central computer
  • Interface to any PLC or BMS
  • Independent remote display modbus rtu connection
  • One signal output can be switched to PID control
  • One signal output can be used for monitoring

Alarm function with buzzer and mute on remote
Two output relays

It is almost like a complete outstation with a built-in pressure or volume transducer

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