Substantial investment in 'The Cube' delivers increased capacity at Micronclean

Published: 2-Mar-2022

Micronclean has announced the completion of a £400k investment programme which has delivered a 35% increase in capacity at its Class 4 Cleanroom Laundry. This investment delivers much needed capacity against a backdrop of increased demand from existing customers and winning new contracts across the UK

In 2019 Micronclean closed the last remnants of its original laundry providing 'flatwork' to hospitality and domestic customers throughout Lincolnshire, part of the company since the formation of the Skegness Steam Laundry in 1883.

Marking the end of an era, the closure allowed Micronclean to fully focus on its cleanroom laundry. Micronclean has recently launched a laundered cleanroom goggle service, and a laundered cleanroom gauntlet service, alongside the ability to supply the Be-Micron coverall to the UK market. These new ranges have increased demand from existing customers and helped win new business from customers from Scotland to Cornwall, meaning Micronclean has had to invest in new capacity.

As a result, Micronclean has invested £400k in a new cleanroom laundry facility that was built on the site of the old laundry. This new facility already nicknamed ‘The Cube’ by the staff gives Micronclean a 35% increase in cleanroom laundry capacity. As well as investing in facilities Micronclean has also been developing its IT infrastructure, bringing online two new customer portals, one dealing with opportunities for improvement while the Garment Portal allows customers to track their garments in real time.

Commenting on the new investment Jenny Stienlet, UK Cleanroom Sales Manager at Micronclean said: "The development of the new facility shows how a company such as Micronclean can react quickly and successfully to new opportunities in the marketplace by investing wisely in new facilities and capabilities such as ‘The Cube’ or the customer portals.

As a business we can continually look forward to new cleanroom opportunities and I can see Micronclean continuing to develop its strong position in the marketplace where it will benefit from the ongoing development of all our cleanroom facilities, products and services across all our sites in Lincolnshire."

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