Proven delivery at Micronclean India

Published: 13-Oct-2021

The garment manufacturer published an update on its blog this week regarding its Bangalore plant

After beginning construction in 2019, Micronclean says its plant in Bangalore, is currently moving "from strength to strength" and servicing the company's customer base.

At the plant, garments are processed in the plant's ISO9001:2015 and ISO14065 accredited cleanroom, before being washed, dried, folded and sterilised to customer requirements.

When they are ready, the garments are packed in the plant's dispatch area and prepared to be sent to the client. Non-cleanroom items are packed in a different area of the plant. Webknot bags are transported from Bangalore and delivered directly to the customer.

Garments are sent ready to be installed into the clean area and put to use, the company says. Relevant training is provided to customers in order to ensure the installation process runs effectively and efficiently.

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