Micronclean India is open for business

Published: 17-Mar-2021

Micronclean India has announced that the recently opened state-of-the art cleanroom laundry in Bangalore has recruited its first commercial customer. As a result, Micronclean will be supplying sterile clean ready for use Cleanroom Garments daily to the customers facilities in Karnataka.

The Micronclean plant is a first in India in that it has been specifically designed to process and deliver high quality, sterile ready for use cleanroom garments to support the Indian Pharma/Biotech industry and is able to serve customers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Vizag, Pune and the surrounding areas.

Micronclean is the UK market leader in provision of cleanroom garment rental and laundry services with over 40 years’ experience in the marketplace. As a result of world leading garment processing technology, unrivalled technical support and exceptional customer service, Micronclean has the privilege of providing cleanroom garments to over 65% of the aseptic pharmaceutical/biotechnology production facilities in the UK.

Building on this Micronclean has been able to introduce several firsts for India with the advent of its flagship plant in Bangalore including:

  • Constructing a dedicated GMP Grade B cleanroom laundry facility with barrier washing machines, cleanroom dryers and steam sterilisers with validated processes to deliver quality assured garment supply via a parametric batch release mechanism.
  • Washing with cleanroom specific detergents in high grade RO water throughout the full process, monitored for online conductivity through an integrated process SCADA system.
  • Delivering cleanroom garments packaged using high quality materials which are delivered sterile and ready for immediate use with batch number and validated shelf-life printed directly onto the packaging.
  • Supplying high quality cleanroom workwear with validated performance through life, demonstrated using international standards including IEST RP CC 003 and ASTM F51.
  • Having an In-house laboratory performing gold standard tests for cleanroom workwear performance, including Body Box and Helmke Drum.
  • Using Micronclean proprietary software (Protrack), which allows Micronclean to track each individual garment. This allows the complete garment history to be automatically updated including customer details, processing batch data from the SCADA system, repair history, as well as the last known location. This information can then be made available to the customer through routine customer reports.
Micronclean India is open for business

All these features deliver a world beating cleanroom garment service by ensuring that every item we deliver is clean, sterile, is manufactured from validated cleanroom fabrics, has a long service life ensuring that your garments are fully GMP compliant.

These features are not being delivered at any expense of sustainability as the laundry plant has been built with the specific aim of reducing its impact on the environment. As a result, it has number of features that have been a fundamental part of its design from day one including:

  • Solar Panels for generating electrical energy are an integral part of the roof design.
  • Rainwater harvesting coupled with a unique water recycling validated wash process reduces the need for fresh water to an absolute minimum.
  • Built in redundancy with respect to major plant systems such as steam and electricity generation to ensure that our plant can always operate in a consistent manner without disruption to our customer deliveries.

As a result, if you want to benefit from Micronclean India world best practice then the dedicated sales team in India are ready to discuss your needs. They are ready to serve you so please contact then on T: +91 7829111150 or E: enquiries@micronclean.in or visit www.micronclean.in

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