Micronclean finalises its new cleanroom consumables facility

Published: 11-Jan-2024

Mircronclean is in the process of finalising its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, called Micronclean Assembly

Micronclean is in the process of finalising its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Micronclean Assembly.

Micronclean Assembly is replacing the original production facility, which the cleanroom consumables company has outgrown due to increased customer demand.

Consumables Group Product Manager, Angela Holland, said: “This will help us augment our existing product range and expand the production of our own IPA/IMS trigger sprays and their associated pre-saturated wipe ranges, with the added benefit of quicker stock turnaround times.”

Micronclean’s consumables product ranges are controlled by the Consumables Product management team whose remit covers all areas of product management including the development of new products, the retirement of obsolete products alongside the day-to-day administration of stock levels and order allocation. In this way, they can ensure that Micronclean has the correct product ranges that serve our customers and the wider marketplace both now and into the future.

Holland said: “Even though we are a relatively small team of four people, the team has formed close relationships across the whole of Micronclean so that they can consistently develop and deliver products that change the markets we serve.” 

Micronclean originally supplied its first cleanroom consumable products in the mid 00's with the introduction of an IPA Pre-Saturated Laundered Polyester Sterile Wipes. The company then expanded its consumables product range with the launch of extended product range which was launched into the market in 2013.

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