SEFA joins forces with SGS

Published: 9-Mar-2018

Partnership agreement opens a new chapter for the laboratory furniture testing sector

SGS, the inspection, verification, testing and certification company, has teamed up with the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA). The partnership agreement opens a new chapter in their relationship and for the laboratory furniture testing sector.

As part of the agreement, two SGS laboratories have been approved by the SEFA to conduct testing against all SEFA standards, which aim to ensure that furniture fitted to labs (commercial and educational) is safe and of sufficient quality to fulfil its purpose and enable the safe conduct of experiments. SEFA standards include:

  • SEFA 1-2010 – Fume Hoods
  • SEFA 2-2010 – Installation
  • SEFA 3-2010 – Work Surfaces
  • SEFA 7-2010 – Fixtures
  • SEFA 8-M-2016 – Laboratory Grade Metal Casework
  • SEFA 8-PH-2016 – Laboratory Grade Phenolic Casework
  • SEFA 8-PL-2016 – Laboratory Grade Plastic Laminate Casework
  • SEFA 8-P-2014 – Laboratory Grade Polypropylene Casework
  • SEFA 8-W-2016 – Laboratory Grade Wood Casework
  • SEFA 9-2010 – Ductless Enclosures
  • SEFA 10-2013 – Adaptable Casework Systems
  • SEFA 11-2010 – Liquid Chemical Storage

Additionally, SGS has ASHREA 110 capacity for fume hood testing.

Lab furniture is likely to be exposed to chemicals, water, electricity, gases and all kinds of tools and equipment. In addition to the need to be ergonomic and comfortable, lab furniture must also be functional, durable and corrosion resistant.

The above means that lab furniture needs to meet strict safety and quality requirements for its structure and materials.

SGS is also an established deputy agency. This means that in addition to conducting tests and submitting reports, SGS can also help clients to apply for SEFA membership.

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