ValGenesis and Zenovative partner to digitise validation in pharma

Published: 4-May-2022

The two companies have planned the partnership to combine Zenovative's Industry 4.0 expertise with ValGenesis' validation lifecycle management software

ValGenesis, a specialist in enterprise Validation Lifecycle Management Systems (VLMS), and Zenovative, a technology development and consulting company based in Maryland, US, have partnered to deliver unique compliance-focused digital validation solutions for pharmaceutical companies across the globe.

The disruptive technologies transforming today's businesses and industries have profound implications for the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry.

Leveraging today's disruptive technologies is crucial for global, compliance-focused life sciences and pharma companies to meet stringent regulatory requirements

Zenovative helps clients advance their technology to meet compliance obligations and gain visibility and access to their data and programmes. This ultimately transforms compliance into a business performer versus an obligatory set of tasks. Zenovative's solutions enable leaders to reduce risks, increase efficiency, and lower the cost of quality.

ValGenesis is an industry innovator of digitised validation and the inventor of ValGenesis VLMS, a 100% paperless validation lifecycle management solution. Available in six languages and used in hundreds of sites worldwide, ValGenesis VLMS enables new levels of real-time collaboration, data integrity, deeper risk management and full compliance with validation lifecycle management processes.

By combining Zenovative's expertise with ValGenesis' validation lifecycle management software, pharmaceutical companies can implement their digitisation plans in accordance with the standards of Industry 4.0.

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"Leveraging today's disruptive technologies is crucial for global, compliance-focused life sciences and pharma companies to meet stringent regulatory requirements," said Dr Siva Samy, CEO and Chief Product Strategist at ValGenesis. "Our fit-for-purpose platform has resulted in significant cost and time efficiencies in the validation processes of companies we serve. We are thrilled to partner with Zenovative and aggressively pursue our vision of empowering even more companies to achieve their digital validation goals."

"At Zenovative, we aim to bring new-age, innovative, cost-effective solutions and services to emerging players in the Life Sciences Industry globally," said Tarun Srivastava, Founder and CEO of Zenovative. "In our endeavour to help customers embrace Quality 4.0, reduce costs, and improve quality, we can foresee great alignment and congruence with ValGenesis. We are thrilled to be a part of the ValGenesis family. This partnership will help us serve our purpose of 'Compliance for Science' very effectively."

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