Roxtec completes contract for Belfast Hospital

Published: 3-Apr-2012

The company has supplied cable and pipe seals for isolation rooms at the Royal Victoria

Cable and pipe seal manufacturer Roxtec of Bury, UK has completed its latest project in the cleanroom sector for the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Roxtec’s UK managing director Graham O’Hare said the project saw Roxtec’s innovative cable and pipe seals used in eight isolation rooms at the hospital’s new 12 storey Critical Care Building, which will include an emergency department, main theatres, an adult critical care unit, post natal beds and maternity outpatients.

“Roxtec has extensive experience in the cleanroom and laboratory sector,” he said. “Our cable and pipe seals not only protect the building and people in it from fire, flooding and explosion, in this instance they also provide a vital air tight seal. The isolation rooms in the hospital require negative pressure ventilation allowing air to flow into the room but not escape out. Our seal can help achieve this and is approved for use in CL3 and CL4 contained rooms.”

O’Hare said Roxtec’s clean and contained room cable entry seal is specially designed to reduce the number of openings required for cables to limit the number of potential air leak paths.

“This project again demonstrated the innovative engineering behind our seals,” he said. “We believe we have the most advanced cable and pipe sealing solution in the cleanroom market. This seal also has a one hour fire rating and is lightweight enough to be inserted into a plasterboard roof panel. It is further designed to be simple and efficient to upgrade as it has built-in spare capacity to accommodate more cables if required.”

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