ProCleanroom builds Class 7 hardwall cleanroom with integrated Class 5 crossflow unit

Published: 14-Jan-2022

Autonomous systems provider Nobleo Technology chose ProCleanroom to build its new cleanroom in the Netherlands

Within the boundaries of the fantastic industrial environment at Nobleo Technology in Eindhoven, ProCleanroom has constructed a practical modular hardwall cleanroom with an integrated ISO Class 5 crossflow unit.

The compact 21 sqm cleanroom is specially engineered and installed to Nobleo's specific requirements and is built within the boundaries of the building.

The driving force behind Nobleo Technology consists of an international team of engineers, with one shared mission... to use its technology to make the world a healthier and safer place. With its H14 HEPA filtration and innovative design, the cleanroom easily achieved an ISO Class 7 classification.

Built to fit

One of the biggest project challenges was to seamlessly integrate the cleanroom within the hard boundaries of the building. From an esthetics point of view, there is a great contrast between the old industrial atmosphere and the new high-tech environment.

All areas are accessible via self-closing doors. This application ensures that the contamination transfer between the different areas is kept to a minimum. The cleanroom features an integrated gowning room which is fully equipped despite its limited size. To ensure maximum comfort for operators a large number of full-size clear wall panels have been implemented to allow ambient light to enter the cleanroom.

For service purposes, the main cleanroom area is accessible through double self closing swing doors. This allows large tooling like an optical table, to enter the main area with ease.

ProCleanroom builds Class 7 hardwall cleanroom with integrated Class 5 crossflow unit

Integrated crossflow unit

Certain Nobleo processes require a higher cleanliness class. A freestanding ISO Class 5 unit with horizontal laminar flow (Crossflow) has been installed for these critical processes.

After parts have been unpacked and tested in the main ISO Class 7 area, they are placed in the ISO Class 5 environment of the crossflow units. Here, various parts are assembled and tested with highly sensitive contamination measurements.

Due to H14 HEPA filtration and innovative design, the crossflow unit easily achieves the required ISO Class 5 even when placed outside the cleanroom. This feature offers Nobleo the flexibility to relocate the crossflow unit in the future if desired.

Full turnkey solution

In addition to the full design, manufacture and installation of the cleanroom, ProCleanroom has supplied cleanroom furniture and consumables. This includes cleanroom cleaning and disinfection products and chairs.

A line of special clothing and accessories has been provided for the cleanroom operators, such as coveralls, mobcaps, gloves, overshoes and sticky mats.

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