A fully custom cleanroom solution for a hi-tech company

Published: 13-Jul-2022

ProCleanroom completed a project for the sister companies IPS Technology and Innovar Cleaning Control using the company’s patented PanelBloc cleanroom system. Hugo Woudsma recalls the project

In 2021, ProCleanroom completed a project for the sister companies IPS Technology and Innovar Cleaning Control. Innovar is dedicated to cleaning, assembling and qualifying parts and compounds in the high-tech industry, whereas IPS is a specialist in the development of industrial packaging and tooling. And then there's the test house of IPS, where packaging and products are physically tested.The entire project at IPS and Innovar involved a new cleanroom and adapting existing areas to make them suitable for cleanroom use. The combined cleanroom floor area is now 730 sqm. In order to ensure that all steps run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, ProCleanroom has decided in consultation with the customer to divide the project into 3 phases.

Phase 1

The construction of a completely new 330 sqm ISO Class 6 PanelBloc cleanroom.

Phase 2

The placement of an RGA (residual gas analysis) machine where ProCleanroom has ensured that the RGA can be partially placed in the wall. The bake-out oven and RGA are located inside the cleanroom, the controlling components of the bake-out and RGA machine are outside the cleanroom for good accessibility for maintenance and repair.

Phase 3

The former (no ISO Class) goods in/out area has been made suitable for cleanroom use by means of a suspended ceiling with air treatment and a carefully calculated number of HEPA H14 filters. A cleaning line has also been installed in this room, which is partly placed in the wall, so that the controlling components are located outside the cleanroom for good accessibility for maintenance.

Highlighting phase 1

The high specification 330 sqm PanelBloc cleanroom has been installed at the premises of IPS Technology and Innovar Cleaning Control in Eindhoven. Innovar, as part of IPS Technology, is a high-end cleaning service provider focusing on cleaning, qualification, assembly and packaging of components. IPS is a specialist in the development of industrial packaging and tooling.

Utilising the patented PanelBloc system, all walls and ceiling are fully flush which accommodate fast and maximum cleaning of the areas and allow for maximum cleanliness performance. With its H14 HEPA filtration and innovative design, the cleanroom easily achieves ISO Class 6 in the main area and ISO Class 7 in the pre-areas.

Optimising for different sizes

The main cleanroom area is accessible through a goods transfer area with wide access high-speed roll-up doors, this also allows large tooling to enter the main area with ease.

The goods transfer area is connected to an existing cleanroom by means of a transition area with a high-speed roll-up door and self-closing swing doors. All internal and external doors are equipped with interlock systems, this reduces the contamination transfer between the different areas to an absolute minimum.

Designed for process and employees

A comprehensive air handling system has been utilised for optimal climate control. This ensures the required temperature and humidity control for the high-quality product cleaning and packaging processes of Innovar.

To ensure maximum comfort for operators large windows with double safety glass have been implemented to allow ambient light to enter the cleanroom.

The high-capacity air conditioning system offers heating, cooling and dehumidifying capabilities. A bright working environment was desirable for optimal working conditions. The accurate lighting installation has resulted in a uniform lighting throughout.

Furnished gowning area

To ensure maximum efficiency and presentation in the gowning area, bespoke HPL furniture have been implemented. The flush finish, material properties and angled top finish of the HPL furniture allows for fast and maximum cleaning.

Keeping the gowning area as clean as possible reduces the contamination transfer to the main area to an absolute minimum. By placing different types of cabinets, sufficient storage is available for clothes, shoes and cleanroom consumables such as gloves, mouth caps, shoe covers and mobcaps.

In addition to the full design, manufacture and installation of the cleanroom, the consumables division of ProCleanroom has supplied a wide range of cleanroom furniture and accessories. This includes a step-over-bench, storage cabinets, shelving, trolleys, mirrors, waste bins, swabs and special cleanroom cleaning carts including mop systems. A full line of special clothing and accessories has been provided for the cleanroom operators, such as coveralls, mobcaps, gloves, and overshoes.

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