Connect 2 Cleanrooms distributor, Procleanroom, awarded Benelux distributor status

Published: 12-Dec-2011

A desire for further growth from both companies has led to the extension of Procleanroom’s territory

Procleanroom has been experiencing success in distributing Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ modular cleanroom solutions in the Netherlands for the last three years and has recently extended its territory to cover the entire Benelux region.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms is a UK cleanroom manufacturer that produces bespoke modular cleanroom solutions and laminar flow cabinets, which it distributes into the UK and beyond from its North West head office.

Procleanroom first got in touch with Connect 2 Cleanrooms when it was looking to source a cleanroom for a client. Connect 2 Cleanrooms was able to meet its demand for a reasonably priced bespoke modular cleanroom with a short lead time. Due to the modular design, the cleanrooms can be flat-packed and shipped internationally. Project engineers then travel to the required location to install and validate the room.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms had been experiencing an increase in international sales due to the suitability of its product for export and saw the potential in Procleanroom to expand further into European markets. Procleanroom also recognised the potential for collaboration between the two companies and soon began focusing more time and attention on promoting Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ products in the Netherlands.

Since then, the relationship between Connect 2 Cleanrooms and Procleanroom has developed to be mutually successful and the companies enjoy working closely together on projects. A desire for further growth from both companies has led to the extension of Procleanroom’s territory to include Belgium and Luxembourg, making it the official Benelux distributor for Connect 2 Cleanrooms.

A cleanroom is an important investment for a company and the right solution can have such far-reaching, positive effects on a company. Having someone ‘on the ground’ that clients can talk to in their language is a huge benefit for clients in the Benelux region.

Procleanroom is able to use its experience in the industry to advise clients on solutions that will fit their applications. The company also has the firm support of Connect 2 Cleanrooms, which is now entering its 10th year of business; Managing Director, Joe Govier, has worked with cleanrooms for the whole of his working life.

Niels Ferguson, the Sales Manager at Procleanroom, remarks: “We are proud to be part of the Connect 2 Cleanrooms team and are confident we can continue and expand our success in the Benelux region. Many successfully completed projects and our experience to date show there is a clear need for reasonably priced modular cleanrooms with a quick turnaround in the Benelux. Utilising our knowledge, level of service and application experience we will serve the local market with our quality modular cleanroom solutions.”

The companies attended Precisiebeurs 2011 in the Netherlands together, with a view to continuing their successful relationship and letting more people know about their modular cleanroom solutions.

Joe Govier comments, “I would like to wish Procleanroom every success with their expanded territory and we feel confident that they will continue their success in the Benelux region”.

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