Kemtile delivers durable flooring solution for skincare giants

Published: 31-Jul-2023

Kemtile supplied and installed bespoke Stonhard hygienic flooring to aid with the production of cosmetics and creams for the skincare brand

Kemtile has delivered a complicated, durable flooring solution for a global skincare giant for its UK-based EMEA manufacturing facility.

The brand produces a range of personal care products such as cosmetics, hair and skin care products and toiletries and has recently successfully worked with Kemtile’s parent company Stonhard on previous projects and opted for the group’s guidance again as part of a manufacturing site overhaul, this time through Kemtile. 

Kemtile, a division of Stonhard, supplied and installed over 100 sqm of bespoke Stonhard hygienic flooring in the area of the facility which houses equipment used in the production of cosmetics and creams. Because the existing floor was concrete beam construction, loadings in terms of the floor finishes were very specific and challenging.

The cosmetics manufacturer had to fit steel ‘spreader rafts’ to accommodate the new production equipment, and then Kemtile was tasked with providing a floor finish that didn’t exceed 20 tonnes, the maximum allowed weight limit. Kemtile had to deliver a “fit for purpose” floor that included a waterproof membrane and be laid to “falls” for drainage. 

Kemtile recommended a range of proven Stonhard materials, most of which had already been used on the site to good effect. These included two waterproof, “crack bridging” membranes, Stonproof ME/RH7, Stonset TG6 grout to form the “falls”, and Stonclad UR and UT to provide the final “seamless” “high performance” floor finish.  

Being part of Stonhard, we were able to draw on previous experience and an extensive range of products to provide the high-quality products

- Kemtile’s David Priest

Before installing the new Stonhard floor finishes, the old, weak, friable and debonded sand and cement screed was removed by others. As were the openings for new stainless steel gullies which were installed through the concrete “planks” in strategic places and then grouted and sealed in position.

Stonproof ME7/RH7 - which is designed for use on horizontal floor surfaces where waterproofing and “crack bridging” are required - was applied to the gullies and steel rafts. The floor was laid to “falls” using a combination of Kemtile SBR Co-polymer and Stonset TG6 grout before an additional layer of Stonproof RH7 was applied followed by the Stonclad UR and UT. 

A representative from the skincare brand said: “We’ve been working with Stonhard UK for a number of years but this was our first project under Kemtile’s supervision. “We required a flooring solution which could provide waterproofing and chemical resistance. Kemtile delivered a multi-layered flooring solution which is exactly what we needed.”

Kemtile’s David Priest commented: “Although the area wasn’t large, the installation was complicated. Being part of Stonhard, we were able to draw on previous experience and an extensive range of products to provide the high-quality products of choice to lay the right, robust, long-lasting flooring solution that the client was looking for.”

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