Kemtile, the UK arm of multinational manufacturing giant Stonhard, is a leading specifier, designer and installer of hygienic flooring solutions. One of Britain’s leading flooring brands, Kemtile has been supporting cleanroom companies for more than four decades - helping medical and pharmaceutical companies meet strict and specific environmental requirements. Kemtile operates as a one-stop-shop for cleanroom flooring - providing a range of services and solutions that are CGMP and ISO compliant.

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Kemtile’s flooring, tiling, and drainage solutions are designed to meet the hygiene, safety, and durability requirements of all cleanrooms - guaranteeing these controlled environments are protected from chemical or solvent spills and other risks of contamination.

Kemtile’s core solutions for cleanroom environments include: seamless floors, chemical resistant flooring, ESD (Electro Static Discharge) floors and slip-resistant flooring. Our portfolio contains some of the biggest names working within the industry including AstraZeneca, Reckitt Benckiser, GSK, Accord Healthcare, Alltrista Plastics, Thermo Fisher Scientific and more.

To provide our customers with best possible solutions and a wide range of options, we work with renowned manufacturers to source specialist solutions:

Flooring: As a division of the internationally-renowned resin flooring manufacturer Stonhard, we share experience, contacts, insight and expertise to provide our customers with a wider choice of hygienic flooring and drainage solutions than ever before.

Tiling: We specialise in high-performance tiling systems and work with world-leading product manufacturers to deliver high quality, durable industrial flooring solutions.

Drainage: We work with stainless steel drains and channels recognised as the best available today.

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