How to improve yield while reliably monitoring clean manufacturing environments

Published: 18-Sep-2019

New Aerotrak + Remote Airborne Particle Counters help to minimise costs, waste and risk

Reliable cleanroom monitoring leads to reduced product waste, improved yield, product quality and increased profits. With the right facility monitoring system, it’s easy to collect critical data from many sensors and turn it into relevant information that can be securely shared. This drives better decision-making throughout a modern manufacturing facility.

TSI recently introduced the new AeroTrak+ Remote APCs as the top-choice for uninterrupted, reliable particle counting during cleanroom manufacturing. TSI is so confident about the performance of the new laser technology inside, that all models are covered by an industry-exclusive standard 5 year warranty. Flexible installation options reduce system complexity and cost of ownership with wireless communications and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities. With use, facilities can protect themselves from increased risk and decrease operational costs related to waste, downtime, and redeployment—with minimal maintenance.

Aerotrak+ Remote APCs are available for use in facilities with (7000 Series) or without (6000 Series) an external vacuum system. Click here to learn more about TSI’s new AeroTrak+ Remote APCs.

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