TSI Systems for reliable, confident environmental monitoring

Published: 19-Feb-2021

TSI designs and manufactures a variety of instruments to support you in investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems in cleanroom environment

Since 1961, TSI offers advanced airborne particle counters, active air sampler, and software for cleanrooms in a variety of manufacturing environments.

They're top-choice for reliable, confident monitoring and classifying of cleanrooms to:

  • Improve product quality
  • Eliminate product waste, interventions and interruption
  • Reduce risk and costs
  • Enhance data integrity (with select TSI particle counters)
  • Meet regulatory requirements

In addition, we now offer TSI AeroTrak+ Remote Active Air Sampler to confidently and reliably monitor aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.

This instrument seamlessly integrates into the TSI Facility Monitoring System to now deliver a complete and robust environmental monitoring system—including microbial monitoring.

For confident, reliable, no-hassle compliance and data integrity, click HERE to learn more about TSI Complete Facility Monitoring Systems.

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