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TSI designs and manufactures a variety of instruments to support you in investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems in cleanroom environment.

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TSI imagines and develops specialised airborne particle counters and facility monitoring systems for classifying and monitoring cleanrooms in a variety of applications. Core industries include pharmaceutical, industrial manufacturing, semiconductor and electronics.

Continuous Monitoring of Cleanrooms

With best in class features, such as OPC UA Client/Server, distributed databases, and hot standby, TSI FMS monitoring software offers unparalleled flexibility and reliability to communicate and exchange data with different IT systems and software applications. TSI FMS software seamlessly integrates a range of instruments, including TSI AeroTrak® Remote Particle Counters, environmental sensors and TSI AeroTrak® Portable Particle Counters.

Periodic Monitoring of Cleanrooms

TSI AeroTrak® Portable Particle Counters operate as standalone instruments or integrated with TSI's facility monitoring system for efficient periodic monitoring.

Cleanroom Classification

All TSI AeroTrak® Portable Particle Counters are designed to simplify and speed up the cleanroom classification process. With EU GMP Annex 1 and ISO 14644-1 reporting built in, TSI particle counting instruments are simple to setup and easy to use.

International leader in measurement technology for over 50 years

TSI provides specialised particle counters for classifying and monitoring cleanrooms. Our UK-based service department ensures that our customers' instruments are calibrated and maintained by the manufacturer in market-leading turnaround time.

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