How to choose the right cleanroom door

Published: 27-Apr-2018

Choosing the right cleanroom door can be tricky, however the cleanroom design and build experts, Kleanlabs, are here to help. Below are 10 things they believe every customer should consider before choosing a cleanroom door

Cleanroom doors are an essential part of cleanrooms since they are responsible for sealing the controlled environment. If they do not work properly, the cleanroom is exposed to a higher risk of contamination.

Here, Kleanlabs provide 10 key considerations when choosing a cleanroom door based on its many years in the cleanroom construction industry.

1. Completely flat surface

Opt for a door that has a completely flat surface on both sides. If there are no edges for the dust to settle in, it becomes very easy to clean and maintain exceptional hygiene. The best option is a door that has smoothly embedded windows and is completely flush with clean room walls.

2. Easy to integrate

Be aware of system dependence of cleanroom doors. Many manufacturers market doors that can only be integrated into their systems. This makes it difficult to change parameters within the facility without the cleanroom door integrity being compromised. System independent doors however, can be installed into any cleanroom regardless of the manufacturer. Kleanlabs have designed bezels that fit into any wall structure.

3. Thick door panels

Choose a door that is resistant to bending and shock. Kleanlabs recommend a thickness of 60 mm which provides both strength and reliability under most industrial circumstances. Aluminum is a particularly durable material.

4. High level of air tightness

What level of appropriate air tightness should the door have? 3,5 m3/hm2 measured at 200 Pa pressure is a reliable and good value. Some doors can be equipped with double gasket technology and an integrated sink gasket, improving air tightness even more.

5. Resistance to cleaning products

Cleanrooms are exposed to intense cleaning every day with a variety of strong chemicals to assure high levels of hygiene. Cleanroom doors, as any other cleanroom surfaces, need to be resistant to the regular usage of any cleaning products and any reaction between the door and the chemicals need to be avoided. Kleanlabs have carried out several tests to make sure that its own brand of doors resist any cleaning product used within the industry.

6. Safety glazing

In a cleanroom, safety comes first. Therefore, every part of the product should be designed to meet the highest safety requirements. Kleanlab doors are equipped with shatter proof, safety glazing, meaning if the window breaks, it stays in place and there is no risk of scatter.

7. Antistatic surfaces

Antistatic surfaces guarantee that the door will not attract dirt and micro contaminants. To keep a cleanroom’s hygiene as high as possible, all surfaces should be antistatic, including the cleanroom door.

How to choose the right cleanroom door

8. Premium hardware

It's not just the surface of the door that requires special attention. Smaller details such as locks, door pullers and hinges should be of the best quality as well to assure durability and easy maintenance.

9. Locking options

If there is any risk of cut in the electric supply, a mechanical lock will do the job equally well as the electronic systems. In case of a hierarchy in access levels, considering a card system may work best - this way you can give different authorities to your employees. Automatic doors open at the touch of a button and close automatically, which is very convenient. Electronic lock systems guarantee the highest security with an interlocking control and blocking.

10. Guarantee conditions and after sales services

Once the cleanroom door specifications have been decided, its time to choose a supplier. Whether its a small or big company, take a look at the services provided. Make sure that all the necessary accessories and parts can be ordered and delivered should there be a problem in the future. This will prevent having to replace the door at a significantly higher cost. Also check the estimated turn around times, from order to delivery. When a problem arises in a cleanroom, every minute is critical.

KleanLabs provides fast customer service and is ready to supply any accessories in case of any problem. Cleanroom doors are guaranteed to be delivered within 2-4 weeks after ordering, anywhere in the world.

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