Distilled from the experience of building over 100 clean rooms, the European manufacturer, KleanLabs has developed a clean room solution product line that is a leader in quality, functionality and affordability, meeting all standard and unique requirements of modern clean rooms

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As an established European manufacturer, we take pride in offering innovative and practical clean room solutions with leading quality at a competitive price that stand the test of time and extreme mechanical stress. We believe cost efficiency should never result in opting for low quality.Building on the experience of having implemented more than 100 clean rooms over the past decade, we have developed a highly functional product line of clean room doors, pass boxes, mobile clean room and modular solutions that are highly functional, easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain while they fulfill all clean room requirements.

All of our products are:

  • manufactured by an ISO9001 certified system
  • CE marked
  • EN ISO 14644 compliant
  • GMP compliant
  • designed and assembled in the European Union

Cleanroom pass through boxes

Especially recommended for laboratories, hospitals and pharmaceutical and light-industrial environments where the volume of material flow between clean zones is high. We offer pass boxes in 3 models: static, semi-active and active, depending on the availability of HEPA filter and fan motor inside. Special models include a trolley version, 3-door model and the combi version combining two separate pass boxes.

Cleanroom doors

Cleanroom compliant, system independent, hinged or sliding doors designed to meet any custom needs. KleanLabs doors are easy to mount, of top-quality and aesthetic. All doors can be equipped with a variety of accessories such as interlocking system, traffic light, automated opening with safety battery, photocells, remote control, external screen display, etc.

Clean room cabinet

Sterile storage units with laminar airflow for garment and shoe storage, removing lint and dust from the fabric.

Modular clean room solutions

These products include various solutions for air diffusion and airflow to achieve high levels of hygiene, adding exceptional level of flexility and scalability. Our modular clean room product line consists of:

  • System-independent, easy to install flexwall, softwall, and hardwall wall panels,
  • Biocontainment suites,
  • Clean room air showers,
  • Laminar flow workstations,
  • Climate chambers.

Mobile clean room container

Cutting-edge portable clean room built into a standard marine container that can be shipped or moved anywhere.

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