VDA 19 compliant cleanroom solutions: Your guide to purity in automotive manufacturing

Published: 16-Nov-2023

Automotive components are now, more than ever, expected to meet rigorous cleanliness standards

This surge in demand is rooted in the broader technological advances in the automotive industry, where even the slightest impurity can compromise the integrity of advanced systems. For manufacturers, the VDA 19 cleanliness standard is often the starting point in this quest for purity.

Understanding the VDA 19 cleanliness standard

The VDA 19.1 standard was instituted by Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) – the German Association of the Automotive Industry. This association has been at the forefront of setting industry benchmarks, particularly for German car makers, with

  • VDA 19.1 offering guidelines on technical cleanliness testing and
  • VDA 19.2 focusing on manufacturing processes.

Since the release of VDA 19 and ISO 16232 in 2004 and 2007 respectively, these guidelines have become the gold standard, with many customer-specific norms drawing inspiration from them. These standards are deliberately generic, recognising that not all automotive components can be inspected or treated equally.

Furthermore, the latest iteration, ISO 16232:2018, aligns seamlessly with VDA standards. It breaks down particle contaminants into seven categories, with 'E' encompassing particles between 50-100 microns, culminating in 'K' for particles exceeding 1000 μm. Cleanliness is further quantified using the Sauberkeitsklasse (SK) indicator, which classifies cleanliness levels from I to VI based on particle presence per 1000 cm2.

Why is VDA compliance crucial in the automotive industry?

Contemporary automotive systems' sophistication demands unprecedented cleanliness.

From OEMs to TIER 3 suppliers, VDA compliance has become non-negotiable.

Several industry trends underpin this shift:

  • Chip and PCB proliferation: The surge in advanced electronics in vehicles necessitates pristine production environments for chips and PCBs.
  • Electrification of vehicles: The rise of electric and hybrid vehicles introduces unique production challenges, especially for batteries and e-motors.
  • Advanced Displays: Modern vehicles' expansive and sophisticated displays demand manufacturing under the highest purity conditions.
  • High-Gloss Components: To maintain their flawless appearance, components like door sills and consoles require protective films applied in stringent cleanroom settings.

Thus cleanroom solutions, compliant with cleanliness standards like VDA 19, have become fundamental in the automotive industry.

VDA 19 compliant pass boxes for automotive production

VDA 19 compliant pass boxes for automotive production

How to meet the VDA 19 standard?

Make sure to choose compliant clean room equipment. KleanLabs provides a range of VDA 19-compliant cleanroom solutions, designed to help manufacturers meet and exceed the stringent cleanliness benchmarks set by the automotive industry. Upholding European EN ISO 14644 and GMP criteria, their diverse products, from doors to modular systems, deliver optimal air purity and integrate effortlessly into various cleanroom designs. With a commitment to innovation and user-driven improvements, KleanLabs stands as the industry's trusted choice for premium cleanroom solutions.

Modular cleanroom solutions to control particulate contamination

KleanLabs' modular cleanroom solutions effectively control particulate contamination, making them invaluable for industries sensitive to minute particles. They stand out for their:

  • flexibility and cost-effectiveness,
  • time-efficient design and installation, as well as
  • seamless, ready-to-assemble delivery, backed by comprehensive support.

Pass boxes for safe material transfer

Designed for ISO-14644 or GMP-certified applications, KleanLabs' cleanroom pass boxes promise secure and efficient material transfer. They can be integrated with various structures and offer customisation, from UV lamps to integrated filters. Ensure sterile transfers while optimising energy and reducing costs.

Clean room doors with high level of airtightness

Expertly designed to meet ISO-14644 and GMP standards, KleanLabs' cleanroom doors ensure easy installation, seamless operation, and unmatched cleanliness. Opt for their durable hinged doors tailored for expansive access or compact sliding models, maximising space efficiency.

If you have any questions about the VDA-compliant cleanroom equipment, feel free to reach out, and KleanLabs' experts are ready to assist you.

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