Larssen Greenhouse Consulting and ALPS announce rebranding

Published: 21-Feb-2023

Newly named "CEAd", the company has unveiled a new name, new logo, and combined services as part of a focused rebranding initiative

CEAd (Controlled Environment Agriculture Design by Larssen), the world’s leading Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facility design authority, has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to increased company growth, global demand, and ongoing commitment to its corporate vision.

Over the last 35 years, the newly named CEAd has confirmed its vision and status as the market leader for design and realisation of technology leading CEA facilities. In line with its vision, these facilities function as being amongst the lowest cost to operate, highest yielding, and lowest consuming of critical inputs such as water and nutrients.

Our goal is to focus under a new name which is synonymous with the heart of our company and vision.

Thomas Larssen, President of CEAd, said: “This is a major milestone for the company as investment in the CEA market continues to accelerate, with investors and operators demanding a greater scope of support and services driven by sustainability. Therefore, our goal is to focus under a new name which is synonymous with the heart of our company and vision. In addition to our pre-construction and construction services, APIS and our post-construction services will continue to be prominent service offerings in 2023 and beyond.”

CEAd remains committed to a broad portfolio of crops, including those such as lettuces, tomatoes, soft fruits, potted plants, algae, as well as cannabis and other medicinal plants. We appreciate that crop production is highly unique to local market demand, and therefore we support a producer’s vision no matter the climate to ensure high intensity production of safe, affordable products for everyone.

CEAd additionally announces a departure from Australis Capital, family of assets as of January 2023, with CEAd now being privately held. 

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