ABN Cleanroom Technology finalises partnership with MyCellHub

Published: 3-May-2022

The Belgium-based companies have agreed to work to improve operational agility in cleanrooms with their products

MyCellHub has agreed to a sustainable partnership with ABN Cleanroom Technology. MyCellHub is a Belgium-based company that provides a GMP and 21CFRpart11 validated toolkit for the digitalisation, data integration and data analytics of regulated laboratory and cleanroom workflows.

The 2019 start-up raised €1.1m ($1.2) in its first year to accelerate the launch of the platform. Working with the Belgian cleanroom design firm, the combination of MyCellHub and ABN aims to significantly increase customer operational agility.

The MyCellHub 'software as a service' platform is an app that uses interactive work instructions to assist operators in sterile production environments and which automates data collection and reporting tasks. This provides significant efficiency gains, especially as more than 90% of bio-manufacturers still report their processes on paper.

"Together, we will explore the possibilities of using IoT and artificial intelligence to optimise cleanroom validation processes," ABN stated.

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