2014 S-Lab Award Winners to be announced on 1 September

Published: 5-Aug-2014

Gala Dinner in London will celebrate excellence in laboratory design

The S-Lab Awards scheme, which recognises excellence in laboratory design, has broadened its initial focus from environment-related topics to almost all laboratory-related activities and innovations.

Applications were sought from all kinds of laboratories, including those in Government and the private sector, in any country. The shortlist can be viewed online at www.effectivelab.org.uk/awards.html.

A key aim of the S-Lab Awards is to create and publicise as many examples of good practice and innovation as possible. With this aim in mind S-Lab is supporting the World Class Science Conference taking place at King’s College, London. This event will feature 28 parallel sessions, including follow-ups on the four keynote installations: the MRC’s Laboratory for Molecular Biology; Coventry’s new Engineering and Computing Building; STEM at King’s; as well as the new Pirbright Institute development.

The Awards Dinner will feature Lewis Dartnell, UK Space Agency Research Fellow and STFC Science in Society Fellow at the University of Leicester, and author of best-selling book, The Knowledge. Dartnell’s book imagines what scientific knowledge and technology we would need to recreate the world from scratch in the event of a global catastrophe such as a large meteor impact.

In his after-dinner presentation, Dartnell will describe how to build a working lab from scratch. He will also run a ‘science survivalist quiz’ for attendees.

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