TRU Cleanroom Cleaning changes name to venture into the US

Published: 16-Apr-2024

The cleanroom cleaning expert has changed its name to TRU Global Solutions and set up a joint venture with Pharma Resource Group, as part of its new push into the US market

TRU Global Solutions, a Belgium-based cleanroom and equipment cleaning company previously named TRU Cleanroom Cleaning, has entered the US market.

TRU is the only company in the Benelux dedicated entirely to cleanroom and equipment cleaning.

The company launched in 2019, and soon after, in 2023, expanded into the Netherlands.

This strategic focus on a niche market was an instant hit

TRU has seen a quick rise in business in its five years of business. This strategic focus on a niche market was an instant hit and paved the way for TRU’s entry into the US market.

"Our expertise is opening a lot of doors in the United States, where more companies are engaged in cell, gene and tissue engineering than anywhere else in the world," explained Vanessa Morini, co-founder and CEO of TRU.

"Cleanroom and equipment cleaning are not standardised tasks. They call for a specialised approach," Morning added. "In addition to cleaning, we also offer consultancy and training services. Based on comprehensive audits, we can identify procedural issues and provide tailored solutions."

A new collab

TRU is also making its mark in the US by entering into a joint venture with US-based Pharma Resource Group (PRG), a product development and complex technical consulting for the pharmaceutical sector.

Morini said: “They focus on the inside of pharmaceutical production equipment and we focus on the outside.” 

They focus on the inside of pharmaceutical production equipment and we focus on the outside

“It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. After several meetings and studies, our shared commitment to innovation was what really solidified our decision to join forces,”  Morini continued.

[Fun fact: the two companies were initially introduced through an old friend of Morini's, Hans Van Hees. “Hans was the general manager of Janssen Pharmaceutica (J&J) when I worked there in 2019. He’s headed up several global divisions and is a respected figure in the industry, with an impressive network that is unparalleled. I’m so grateful that he decided to help propel TRU forward.”]

"For the first phase, we’re focusing on just three states: Delaware, New Jersey and PRG’s home state of Pennsylvania. These states are among the top five hubs of the life science industry,” Morini said.

"We're even developing our own online platform to accurately track all cleaning activities, thereby saving time, money, and frustration," Morini added.

Different geographies 

Morini is aware of the challenges of entering a new market.

"Standards are much lower in the US compared to Europe and most companies have their own cleaning crew," she explained. "On the other hand, there are plenty of gaps in the market for us to fill."

Morini said that in Belgium and the Netherlands, the cleanroom cleaning business is dominated by large cleaning companies, but TRU managed to carve out a spot at the top.

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