ABN Cleanroom Technology finishes high-tech Mogema cleanroom

Published: 23-Mar-2021

ABN has finished the expansion, working with TRU 100% Cleanroom Cleaning for cleaning and validation

ABN Cleanroom Technology has finished the expansion of Mogema's cleanroom.

Mogema is a high-tech expert in welding, machining and vacuum technology, also covering high-quality engineering and assembly (also for cleanroom).

ABN Cleanroom Technology finishes high-tech Mogema cleanroom

ABN's modular circular cleanroom solutions were able to add an additional cleanroom space in accordance with ISO Class 6 and ISO Class 7 standard.

Mogema had planned a 400 sqm expansion of its ISO Class 6 cleanroom. In an update in 2020, ABN talked about the importance of scalability with cleanrooms, which is especially important in expansion cases such as this.

By implementing the company's VIX construction concept, Mogema is guaranteed a cleanroom system with 100% redundancy without plant downtime for maintenance activities as a result of modular & pre-engineered cleanroom design.


As part of the final preparations, ABN and Mogema worked with the TRU 100% Cleanroom Cleaning team to ensure an impeccable cleanroom cleaning of the two new cleanrooms. Specialists from TRU ensured that the validation went smoothly and the cleanroom can be put into use.

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