Telstar HVAC control system provides automatic regulation

Published: 15-Jan-2021

Telstar’s Smart Clean Room HVAC System automatically controls the room air renovations determined by the particles concentration level keeping the integrity of the cleanroom environment in real time according to GMP regulations. Depending on the room grade classification and activity, the implementation of this new system can save easily over 40% in energy consumption

The demand for energy saving solutions whilst preserving high quality standards is continuously increasing while quality requirements become stricter. Market demands, cost reduction and pharmaceutical companies need to find ways to reduce production costs. Energy efficient technologies reduce production costs but may also offer process efficiency opportunities and quality improvement.

HVAC systems are fundamental to the pharma industry as high air change rates are used as rule of the thumb to ensure a low particle contamination. As a consequence, the HVAC system is one of the main energy consumers in pharma facilities especially in sterile manufacturing.

The new Telstar HVAC solution has been proven to reduce the air flow rate and thereafter the energy consumption, keeping the quality of the air in accordance with the GMP environment classification stated in EU GMP Annex 1 and ISO Standard 16644-1.

The system integrates a particular technology that automatically regulate air renovation rates whilst maintaining particles, pressure, temperature, and humidity variables under stable conditions. The precision in the HVAC control process allows the system to reduce the air renovation cycles and reducing the HVAC energy consumption cost more than a 40% without compromising the environment quality.

The new HVAC control solution unifies with the HVAC PLC with a set of particles counters adapted by Telstar to the new installations and cleanrooms. The innovative system, which offers flexibility to be adapted to a conventional system in operation, can be adjusted to the specific needs of each room and be customised by the operator using a control touch screen to define many parameters, for example security margins and control mode. The innovative control system has been validated by GAMP 5 which, promoted by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), guarantees a good automated manufacturing practice in the pharmaceutical industry.

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