Specialised sanitary vibratory screener

Published: 24-Mar-2017

Russell Compact Sieve customised sanitary vibratory screener by Russel Finex manufactured for easy contained removal of contact parts

UK separation equipment company Russell Finex has customised an existing sanitary vibratory screener to make it more straightforward to clean inside a containment isolator.

Previously, to clean the sieving machine, operators would have to enter the production area wearing a ventilated protective suit to avoid potential contact or inhalation of the pharmaceutical powders or dust.

This does not guarantee sanitation, as the equipment is still exposed to the surrounding environment and contamination could be carried to other areas by the suit.

To eliminate this risk, Russell Finex's client, a pharmaceutical manufacturer required a specialised sanitary vibratory screener for easy cleaning in a containment isolator.

The customised Russell Compact Sieve allows transferral of all potentially hazardous contact parts to a containment isolator with no risk of exposure to the operator. Additional clamps were added to the contact parts.

When closed, the clamps keep the underpan, mesh screen and lid sealed together, and all parts can be carried jointly to a containment booth for cleaning. As the Sieve is an enclosed sieve, these are the only parts that would be in contact with the APIs.

Sealing these components together effectively contains the harmful material, meaning the exterior surfaces are safe to handle and the sealed unit can be carried by the operator to a containment booth.

Once inside the glove box, the equipment can be dismantled by simply opening the clamps.

These compact vibratory screeners can fit easily into existing production lines. A wide range of sizes and options are available.

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