Pharmaceutical downflow booth integrates screening equipment

Published: 25-Apr-2018

Extract Technology has optimised the production of fine pharmaceutical powders with the addition of a downflow booth

Extract Technology (ETL) is a specialist containment and aseptic systems manufacturer supplying customised containment solutions to a global network of pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers.

ETL often relies upon the expertise of other suppliers for specific technology requirements.

When a global pharmaceutical manufacturer sought two high-containment downflow booths with integrated sieving solutions, the company combined its expertise with Russell Finex – a specialist provider of pharmaceutical screening and filtration equipment.

ETL’s range of downflow booths provide aseptic, contained environments for the safe handling of pharmaceutical powders. The customer on this occasion requested a complete solution for unloading, transferring and screening APIs.

The sieving unit needed to be compact, to allow easy integration into a containment environment, as well as being quick and easy to dismantle and clean. The solution also required the capacity to screen fine pharmaceutical powders such as folic acid or silicon dioxide at high through-puts.

Following consultation with Russell Finex, ETL’s solution was two downflow containment booths with integrated Russell compact sieve units and vibrasonic deblinding system.

The screening units are installed at the end of the downflow booth process, loaded by an elevated hopper following the contained dispensing and weighing of pharmaceutical powders. The vibratory pharmaceutical screeners are used to guarantee the quality of powders during production, providing accurate, high-capacity screening at less than half the size of traditional screeners.

The addition of ultrasonic screening technology eliminated mesh blockages, allowing product to flow freely through the mesh.

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