Automatic self-cleaning strainer for industrial resin

Published: 13-Sep-2019

Neville Chemical improves productivity and profitability with a new filtering system from Russell Finex

Neville Chemical, a recognised player in synthetic hydrocarbon resins and coumarone-indene resins, determined that updating its resin filtration system with a state-of-the-art system on the finished goods line would improve productivity and reduce waste.

Headquartered in Pensylvania (US), Neville Chemical has used a variety of different systems for filtration of impurities from its finished resin products for many years. While filter bags performed well in removing impurities from resin, the use of filter bags was costly and required continual changing that interrupted production. It was a difficult task for workers and was also potentially hazardous.

All of those problems were completely eliminated when Neville Chemical replaced that bag filter system with a state-of-the-art Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter system from Russell Finex. A self-cleaning system, the Eco Filter integrates directly into the pipeline and completely eliminates the need to change filtration bags.

By means of a unique spiral wiper design, the filter element is kept continuously clean, which ensures optimum efficiency of filtration.

The totally enclosed Eco Filter prevents pollutants from outside the system from contaminating the product and protects the operators from harmful fumes and spillage.

This filter also features the Russell Filter Management System, a technology that continuously monitors the filtration system, thereby enabling the filter to be operated efficiently without operator involvement.

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