Seal of approval for Burkert solenoid valves

Published: 25-May-2017

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has achieved more than 20 approvals for its solenoid valve range

Industry design validation and approvals are an essential process that ensures components are suitable for operation in specialist applications. Yet, it can also be a lengthily one.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has achieved more than 20 approvals for its solenoid valve range, which together provide a guarantee to end users that every product has met or surpassed the required standard.

Fluid control products, especially solenoid valves, are used all across world in numerous applications, many of which enforce strict design criteria to ensure the safety and well-being of personnel and end users.

Operating in potentially explosive atmospheres or hygienic conditions requires specific technical characteristics to be achieved before any certification can be issued. Only suppliers with the correct approvals, accredited by a recognised body where necessary, should be trusted.

Different international regulations

Most industries are governed by various sets of standards that dictate the specifications of equipment in use. Often, they specify particular design criteria and materials, so they can be classified as suitable for operation in particular applications.

These standards and approvals vary between countries even for the same application, which can make the design process particularly arduous.

In many cases, regional certifications are used as a basis for individual, market-specific approvals.

For example, components destined to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres may be certified to IECEx Cat2 – but in countries such as Korea and China, further national testing may be required to meet KOSHA and NEPSI standards respectively.

Burkert systems

With so many regional and national approvals systems, attention to detail is crucial to ensure components are properly accredited.

Burkert continuously monitors approvals requirements to ensure that its products are able to meet the challenges of modern industrial processes, including the creation of all the necessary documentation.

The company has a wide range of fluid control solenoid valves, many of which are certified to a number of different standards to ensure acceptance in a variety of applications.

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