Porvair unveils expanded steam range for higher performance

Published: 8-Feb-2016

New filters are available in a selection of grades for the bespoke requirements of a range of production processes

Porvair Filtration Group has launched a new range of steam filters for process applications.

The UK firm manufactures a range of high quality, industry standard equipment sterilisation and processing filters as it looks to meet growing industry demand for higher, more cost-effective performance.

The firm's steam filters are available in a selection of grades for the bespoke requirements of production processes across applications such as sterile packaging, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemical production.

Providing further specialisation, Porvair supplies a range of filters for the production of particulate-free culinary steam for critical applications that come in direct contact with food, beverages, pharmaceuticals or product contact surfaces. These exceed the 3A Sanitary Standards 609-03, and will remove more than 95% of 2µ particles.

All components used in the construction of elements are FDA approved to 21CFR, manufactured according to DIN ENISO 9001, and meet or exceed the latest EC Directives for Food Contact.

Porvair’s process steam filters are used where clean, dry steam is critical for plant performance and continuous operation, but where there is no direct contact with the manufactured product.

The firm's Sinterflo stainless steel filter elements are available in high quality 316L sintered metal fibre, metal mesh and sintered metal powder media.

These steam filter elements also have an exceptional dirt-holding capacity and are designed to withstand demanding temperature and pressure conditions, the firm says.

Furthermore, the Porvair range of steam filters may be regenerated to extend the life and efficiency of the elements.

Porvair’s Market Manager, Andy Fairlie says: 'Quality is at the heart of every stage of our operation and a fundamental part of our culture.

'Our continuous innovation in steam filtration products enables us to offer new and better solutions to applications – and our widened range for production processes is pivotal to that strategy.

'It’s all in the pursuit of the best possible solutions for our customers.'

Porvair Filtration Group also manufactures a range of complimentary high-quality stainless steel industrial and sanitary filter housings, from 10 to 20 bar, which will be expanded and re-launched later in 2016.

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