Porvair launches new Fluorofil filters to withstand repeated steam cycles

Published: 1-Apr-2016

The manufacturer of high performance filtration and separation technology has developed a robust range of products for sterile air filtration applications

Porvair Filtration Group’s PTFE membrane filters are designed to resist repeated steam cycles at high temperatures. The durable Fluorofil Plus filter cartridges have been tested to withstand 250 steam sterilisation cycles for one hour at temperatures of 142°C.

The cartridges can also withstand steaming in the reverse flow direction at 142°C, making for an effective, dependable, all-round performance, the firm says.

Fermentation processes require a high degree of security and productivity, and Porvair believes that the ability to withstand steam sterilisation for longer periods and at higher temperatures results in better process security and a decrease in unnecessary and costly downtime.

Porvair, honoured with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade last year, says that its Fluorofil Plus filters also offer a number of advantages compared with standard filters. Benefits include a lower pressure drop and more robust performance in fermentation processes, while the filters can also be steam sterilised, tested and used multiple times.

Furthermore, Porvair believes that repeated testing has shown that its Fluorofil filters can handle more steam sterilisation cycles than other models, outperforming competitor products. The filtration specialist is leading innovations in this area, and its Fluorofil filters are validated to retain bacteria in both liquids and gases, in accordance with the most stringent pharmaceutical industry standards and recommendations.

The Fluorofil range of filters has a proven track record of success throughout the process industries, and applications include cell culture, compressed air, fine chemicals and solvents, pure water supply systems (WFI), and powder handling and tableting.

Dr Mozamal Nazir, Porvair’s Senior Scientist, said: ‘Our Fluorofil filters are capable of delivering flow at a minimal pressure drop and, together with unrivalled durability, this has resulted in our customers benefiting from lower energy costs and a reduction in downtime. Repeated steam sterilisation cycles are known to degrade polymeric filters, but the fact that Fluorofil Plus filter cartridges can withstand steaming in reverse and forward flow directions at high temperatures means that they are helping to define a new standard.’

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