Porvair Sciences expands product line

By Sophie Bullimore | Published: 4-Jan-2019

New Chromatrap buffers and microplate varieties are now available

Porvair, the UK microplate specialist company who also owns the Chromatrap brand, has announced the launch of two Chromatrap buffers and a new microplate range. The buffers are for the ChIP assay process and the microplate is most useful for fluorescence and luminescence assays.

These new microplates are a change from the established clear bottomed type, intending to be the new standard. Porvair said these new microplates are “fully compatible with all commercially available plate readers, robotic sample processors and automated liquid handling systems”.

The Chromatrap brand now supply another aspect of ChIP assays alongside the other products already in production.

Porvair Sciences and its Chromatrap brand cover a vast range of laboratory processes surrounding microplates and the processes they are involved in.

The microplates, Krystal 2000, reduce the optical crosstalk between wells when doing fluorescence and luminescence assays. As opposed to a clear-bottomed design, the new product utilises black or white opaque polypropylene to prevent measurements being mixed between wells. The white design offers more reflectivity for high sensitivity, whilst the black is more absorbing so minimises background interference.

Chromatrap covers products for the life sciences, such as ChIP kits. The new products; Chromatrap Lysis and Chromatrap Hypnotic buffers are used in varying stages of the ChIP assay process, including shearing and sonication.

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