PharmaProcess launches cleaning and disinfection business line for pharma

Published: 29-Feb-2024

Italy-based cleanroom environment expert PharmaProcess has launched a new service

PharmaProcess has launched its latest business line.

The new business line from the Italy-based company is for cleaning and disinfection in pharmaceutical environments.

The new line provides expert consultants in cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of laboratory structures and sterile rooms used in the pharmaceutical sector.

The Cleaning and Disinfection (C&D) line adds to the Milan-based company's eight other business lines:

  • Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Commissioning and Validation
  • Sterility Assurance Expertise and Biodecontamination
  • Data Integrity and Computer System Validation
  • Thermo hygrometric mapping
  • Maintenance & Calibration
  • Software Development and Software Selection
  • Training, Auditing, Industrial Assessment & Due Diligence

"Counting on a highly qualified team of experts, with long-standing experience and technical competence, C&D represents a unicum into the pharma industry, providing companies, laboratories and cleanrooms with cutting-edge and tailored consultancy," the company explained.


The new line provides:

  • Support in the choice and direct supply of the products and tools to be used, validation of the effectiveness of disinfectants for classified areas with results certified by accredited external laboratories.
  • Definition of rotational frequencies, staff training for classified areas, preparation of customised C&D procedures, and material compatibility checks.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of classified areas, and support for investigative activities for contamination and process.
  • Risk assessment critical withdrawal points. Preparation of documentation of microbiological and particulate environmental validations and their subsequent execution. Support for managing deviations in the cleaning validation area.
  • Microbiological and particulate environmental monitoring OOT/OOS management support with results certified by accredited laboratories.

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