Wiskind - Endure Dream Cleanroom Panel-3SBio

Published: 11-Nov-2020

Its unique properties include excellent resistance to VHP disinfection, excellent wear resistance, easy cleaning, safety and environmental protection

From genes, cells to tissues and organs, humans try to understand their normal state. When they appear abnormal, how to correct it has become a research process in the field of human treatment and pharmaceutical production.

As a high-tech, biopharmaceutical is a modern bioengineering based on genetic engineering. For more than 30 years, the development of biopharmaceutical technology has opened up broad prospects for the development of medical and pharmaceutical industries and improved people’s lives. The product has high added value and the future market is broad. Therefore, all countries in the world have identified biopharmaceuticals as the key technology and emerging industries for scientific and technological development in the 21st century.

But the so-called challenges and opportunities coexist. How to ensure the safe, efficient and compliant production of biopharmaceutical products has always been a matter for biopharmaceutical companies to consider. Especially in the current situation of relatively concentrated varieties of biopharmaceutical products and fierce competition. At present, how the clean room enclosure system helps companies to ensure high cleanliness levels, improve product quality, and ensure product safety in the production process has become a top priority.

Founded in 1993, 3SBio Group was established in 1993 and is a biopharmaceutical enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It has a rich series of research products in the treatment fields of tumor, autoimmunity, nephrology, metabolism and dermatology. This time, clean area such as the aseptic material room, aseptic filter, B-level corridor, and B-level dressing room were constructed in the workshop.

Wiskind - Endure Dream Cleanroom Panel-3SBio

Disinfecting environment - Excellent performance

The maximum allowable number of suspended particles in the clean room B-level area is ≧0.5µm (micrometers), and planktonic bacteria <1cfu/m³ (1 colony per cubic meter). In order to meet these requirements, the biological environment system must be disinfected regularly to control the pollution of suspended microorganisms (bacteria and microorganisms) in the air. However, high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide will corrode the color steel plate, and the surface of the corroded color steel plate will be blistering occurs.

In order to avoid this problem, Wiskind endure panel is used as a special steel plate for the pharmaceutical industry. Its unique properties include excellent resistance to VHP disinfection, excellent wear resistance, easy cleaning, safety and environmental protection.

Matte shell white, very beautiful

Endure has beautiful design and small color difference. The color difference of the same batch is △E<0.3, and the color difference of different batches is △E<0.5. The color is shell white, the surface layer is matte design, the visual effect is good, the surface is uniform and delicate, and the glossiness is 8-10.

In addition to strict requirements for cleanliness in the biological products workshop, the overall design of the clean room should be standardized, the room layout should be reasonable and beautiful, and the space utilization rate should be improved. The clean room generally uses the traditional return air column for return air treatment, which takes up a large space and is not beautiful. In order to solve these problems, Wiskind provides 100mm hollow return air unit module, which completely replaces the return air column and 100 thick hollow shrapnel walls in the dressing and shoe-take-off buffer rooms, greatly improving the space utilization rate.

In order to better meet the requirements of clean room GMP, Wiskind's newly developed 100mm hollow return air wall adopts modular customization and uses international advanced technology for drilling. At the same time, we adopt detachable technology at the return air outlet for problems such as later cleaning and disinfection. Factory prefabricated, on-site splicing, convenient and quick installation.

3SBio Group has always been committed to solving the problems of patients' clinical medications, constantly overcoming disease challenges, using high-quality drugs to improve the patients quality of life, and working hard for the benefit of human health. As a professional service provider in the field of clean room service systems, Wiskind has always insisted on product innovation in the field of building enclosure systems, providing a number of patented products for 3SBio to solve industry pain points.

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