Why choose walkable ceiling panels?

Published: 17-Mar-2021

Wiskind Cleanroom explains why choosing the right ceiling is important

When choosing a cleanroom design, you may think too much about the use of space, personnel passages, and even consider cleanroom sandwich wall panels, cleanroom doors, and floors. However, you may not give too much consideration to the cleanroom ceiling system. Although the cleanroom ceiling system is often overlooked, it is an extremely important part of the cleanroom.

Why is cleanroom ceiling important?

Cleanroom ceiling panels need to do more than just close the cleanroom. The ceiling panel contains many fixtures and accessories, which are essential for the normal operation of the cleanroom environment. Especially when installing the ceiling panel, people need to walk around, which requires the cleanroom sandwich panel to meet the standard in terms of overall strength and flexural bearing capacity. The ceiling panel is extremely important for later equipment maintenance.

Second, the cleanroom ceiling panel may include holes for HEPA filters (to remove fine particles in the air) and lighting devices that can provide your workers with the high-quality lighting they need to perform their jobs. The seals around the filter and other components must be of sufficiently high quality to prevent the entry of contaminants, such as fine particles that may interfere with the work inside the cleanroom. For all these reasons, choosing the right ceiling panel for a cleanroom is very important, and making the wrong choice will affect the performance of the cleanroom.

Why choose walkable ceiling panels?

The walkable ceiling panel is important because it allows maintenance personnel to safely enter the top of the cleanroom during construction and maintenance. This ensures that your cleanroom is kept in good condition, and according to the replacement of filters and other accessories to maintain control of the environment. By choosing your walkable ceiling panel, you can make it easy for maintenance personnel to inspect these components regularly, thereby reducing the risk of accidental maintenance problems coming up from and derailing planned projects.

Cleanroom ceilings must sometimes withstand harsh conditions. It is very important to deal with moisture, smoke, temperature changes and other environmental hazards without losing its structural integrity. To protect your cleanroom from such situations, choose a walkable ceiling panel made of non-combustible, stable materials. The best walkable ceiling panels usually use rock wool cleanroom ceiling panels. Rock wool has high strength and will not absorb moisture in a humid environment, no damage to the cleanroom panels.

Learn more about walkable ceiling panels. The more you know about cleanroom ceilings and other aspects of cleanroom construction, the more choices you can make for your facility. Find out the options available for cleanrooms, including modular cleanrooms, cleanrooms with walkable ceilings, and soft wall cleanrooms.

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