Westfall Technik expands micromoulding group with acquisition

Published: 9-Apr-2019

Acquisition of Micro Tech Southwest is followed by a plan to expand it with an ISO 8 cleanroom

The latest in a quick succession of acquisitions by Westfall Technik is Arizona-based Micro Tech Southwest. In Westfall's plan to build a micromoulding group to serve the medical market, this company is a key addition. The global holding company plans to invest in an ISO 8 cleanroom at Micro Tech.

The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Micro Tech focuses on medical and consumer products. Steve Kraxberger, the CEO who founded Micro Tech, will retire after a transition period, but the Micro Tech management team will remain with the company.

"When the time came to sell, I wanted to find a buyer who could continue MTSW's strong tradition of customer service," Kraxberger said. "I am sure that Westfall Technik is the right group to do this."

Micro Tech employs about 80 and runs 24 injection moulding machines in clamping forces ranging from 28-350 tons, housed in a 58,000 sqft facility.

Micro Tech Southwest grew dramatically after industry veteran Brett Black joined the company in 2014. But although the company is certified for ISO 9001 and 13485, it currently does not have cleanroom production.

Rick Shaffer, Westfall's Managing Director, is focused on remedying this with the construction of an ISO 8 cleanroom.

In addition to a clean room, Westfall plans to add material handling equipment, modernise the building's infrastructure and make productivity improvements.

Westfall aquisition spree

This is not the only acquisition Westfall Technik have made. In recent months the company has very busy, making two other micromoulding deals.

In December, the company acquired Mold Hotrunner Solutions in Ontario, specialising in hot runners and injection presses for micromoulding.

Then, in January, Westfall purchased Mold Craft, a Minnesota-based maker of injection moulds for micromoulding and high-cavitation applications.

These follow other acquisitions of micromoulding companies, such as AMA Plastics last April.

Micromolding is a key part of Westfall's strategy, which includes buying medical plastics firms, Shaffer said. Adding that this is one of the fastest-growing segments of plastics.

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