Weiss GWE adds flexible isolator to portfolio

Published: 3-Aug-2012

Suitable for the filling, weighing or sampling of active substances

Weiss GWE, a German developer of containment systems, has broadened its range of products with the addition of the WIBO flexible isolator, a closed system offering maximum safety.

The Hude-based firm says Weiss GWE flexible isolators with glove ports are suitable for the filling, weighing or sampling of active substances and highly toxic materials.

The systems can be used in applications in negative pressure atmospheres and achieve a containment level of <1µg/m3.

Interfaces for infeeding and outfeeding can be realised with a continuous liner. Fibre drums and vessels are docked using a double O-ring. The continuous liners achieve a high containment level and require the simplest of handling characteristics, the firm says.

The set-up kit consists of a clamping and holding fixture, an air connection to the WIBO air system and a workplate for covering the scale (weighing workplace). This enables simple and rapid installation of the flexible isolator. Following clamping, a leak test (vacuum test) can be conducted using the WIBO system control.

Complicated cleaning procedures and cleaning validations are not required, which makes the system particularly suitable for frequent product changes.

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