Safe handling of fibre drums in API production from Weiss GWE at ACHEMA 2012

Published: 2-May-2012

German firm adds WIBO drum port to barrier system

The WIBO barrier system from Weiss GWE of Germany has been expanded with a new inward transfer and discharge technology.

The WIBO drum port, which will be on show at ACHEMA in Frankfurt between 18–22 June, ensures the safe, comfortable and GMP/FDA-compatible transfer of the product into the cleanroom, the Hude-based firm says.

The lifting unit of the drum port is now provided outside the system, preventing contamination from dust on the surface of the packaging unit. Less space is required in the interior and thus the air consumption and cleaning effort are reduced.

During the inward transfer of the fibre drums, the WIBO drum port is sealed by a pneumatically inflatable tube seal. The outer face of the fibre drums is protected from contamination by airborne particles and gases owing to precise, circular air displacement. After the packaging unit is transferred inwards, its lid is opened automatically, held in place by the drum port and placed back on the packaging unit upon closing.

Within the system, the proven WIBO barrier air guiding system with a mild airflow ensures safe retention. The special air outlets create a clean-air curtain, which separates the work area from the surrounding area. Depending on the design and customer requirements, a product exposition of <1μg/m3 or product protection up to ISO Class 5 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 can be provided.

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