UK’s operating theatre ventilation taken to the next level

Published: 3-Jun-2013

Telstar installs UCV canopy at Southampton General Hospital

In Theatre U at Southampton General Hospital, Telstar has successfully installed the UK's first “2 Zone 2 Temperature” UCV canopy, known as the 2Z System.

Described as a “true” skirt-less UCV canopy system, fully in compliance with HTM 03 01 guidelines, it was provided by Telstar Lifesciences UK, Medical division.

Telstar's innovative and energy efficient two-zone, two-temperature system is also equipped with an integrated background lighting system. This is designed to provide shadowless, even spread illumination underneath the canopy (also supplied with options of green or white lights).

In the medical world, flexibility is becoming one of the key elements in operating theatre design. Operating theatre UCV canopy systems fitted with skirts (also referred to as partition walls) are an increasing problem for hospitals, as they can obstruct the freedom of movement for the surgical team. Problems also occur during surgery procedures when monitors or other equipment have to be positioned close to the surgical area.

The project also involved the provision of a complete air handling installation, including air handling units, plumbing and ductwork.

All the company’s canopies are fully bespoke, designed to suit the customer's room layout.

The systems can be equipped with integrated lighting (as at Southampton General Hospital), wall or ceiling recirculation systems and/or remote recirculation air handling units.

Telstar's skirt-less design is also said to be an excellent solution for use in Hybrid Operating Rooms.

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