The MET ONE 3400+ automates routine environmental monitoring for GMP cleanroom compliance

Published: 19-Nov-2021

Interview with Tony Harrison

Background Notes

Tony is an international authority on GMP QC compendial testing, with vast experience spanning water system monitoring of total organic carbon (TOC), conductivity and ozone, cleanroom routine environmental monitoring best practices, as well as particle characterization instrumentation.

He is the global expert for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, specialising in cleanroom routine environmental monitoring and adherence to GMP and ISO standards as part of his role with the company’s global particle characterization division.

He speaks internationally on TOC, liquid particle counting, ozone sanitization for water systems, and cleanroom monitoring, and is former joint editor on the ISPE Guide to Ozone Sanitization of Pharmaceutical Water Systems and chief editor of the PHSS Best Practice Guide for Cleanroom Monitoring.

Tony was a subject matter expert on the ISO Working Group tasked with revising ISO 14644–1 and –2 for cleanroom classification. It had been decided that areas of the classification process required revision to improve statistical accuracy. He has previously held the Convenorship of the ISO Working Group that revised ISO 14698–1 and –2 for microbial control in cleanrooms.

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