Automating GMP cleanroom routine monitoring to reduce human error

Published: 13-Jan-2021

“How to” demo videos are now available for the MET ONE 3400+ air particle counter

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has created a library of “how to” demo videos to show how the fully automated MET ONE 3400+ air particle counter automates cleanroom routine environmental monitoring to reduce human error and improve 21 CFR Part 11 data integrity.

Listen to Tony Harrison, the UK expert to ISO 14644-1 and Bilal Ali, Senior Product Specialist to learn more about Beckman Coulter Life Sciences MET ONE 3400+ portable GMP cleanroom air particle counter.

This particle counter allows users to load their routine environmental monitoring SOP sampling map and sampling configuration for each location directly into the counter, so that the SOP becomes an interactive sampling map directly on the counter screen to guide users doing daily sampling.

Click here to view the videos.

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