Termovent works on laboratory “Fire eye” to combat Covid-19

Published: 27-May-2020

The “Fire eye” laboratory has been completed identically to the laboratory in Wuhan. The capacity is 2000 samples per day and will significantly speed up the diagnosis of Covid-19. Miloš Perović, COO and director of Clean Rooms, explains

In Termovent’s 27-year long history there have been many projects and we are proud of each of them. Each project has been completed within the stipulated time, with high quality and a satisfied partner.

The last project, that has been completed by us, is the project that we are most proud of and very pleased that our company is being recognised as a reliable partner in this project.

In cooperation with our partner company, EuroCons Group, and the company Delta Engineering we have completed the most modern Covid-19 laboratory BSL-2 in the Balkans within less than 2 weeks. The design, production and installation of the panels and CR doors were completed within two weeks.

The laboratory is the part of Clinical Centre of Serbia. The laboratory will significantly increase the speed of testing samples on Covid-19 and prevent spreading the global pandemic.

How short the time was is illustrated by the fact that the real-time for completing this project is a couple of months.

The capacity of laboratory “Fire eye” is 2000 samples per day and the laboratory will significantly speed up the diagnosis of Covid-19. “Fire eye” laboratory has been completed identically to the laboratory in Wuhan, the place of pandemic outbreak.

Project expressed in numbers:

  • Beginning: March 25;
  • The deadline for completing the works: April 07;
  • Project included: design, delivery and technical support during clean room installation.
  • Class: ISO 8 – BSL2
  • Laboratory area: 700m2, Clean rooms: 220m2

In addition to thanking our partner, EuroCons Group, for successful cooperation, we would like to express our gratitude and support to our team, who worked on completing the laboratory for 24/7 and confirmed their competence and dedication.

A big thanks to the Government of the Republic of Serbia for support and trust, as well as for the opportunity to take part in the project of national importance.

The Project Manager, Petar Marković said: "The project experience is amazing in the aspect of the amount of positive energy, experience, enthusiasm and incredible speed expressed in such short time. We would like to thank all our team members as well as our production and logistics colleagues for their assistance during the project. Many thanks to our new friends and all colleagues from the other companies, who we worked and spent time with on the site and online meetings."

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