Termovent completes Class D cleanroom for supplement provider

Published: 21-Jul-2023

Mint Pharm in Serbia chose Termovent to build class D, ISO 8 standard cleanrooms and supply air handling units for its production of capsules and dietary supplements

In the world of the pharmaceutical industry, precision and safety are essential. When Mint Pharm, a pharmaceutical company from Serbia, was looking for a reliable solution to create a sterile and contamination-controlled environment for its production, Termovent was the first choice.

Mint Pharm is a leading company in the production of capsules and dietary supplements, based in Bačka Palanka, Serbia. The company provides high-quality products and services with over 14 years of experience and reliable raw material suppliers.

Through REVIT software, we were able to develop a solution that perfectly matched the client’s requirements

With many years of experience in the design and construction of cleanrooms, Termovent has gained a reputation as a reliable partner for the pharmaceutical industry. The cleanroom delivery project for Mint Pharm started on 7th June, 2021 and lasted until 15th November 15. During this period, the team of engineers and workers dedicated themselves to building cleanrooms according to Mint Pharma’s specific requirements. Termovent collaborated with the company Termoinženjering on this project.

Termovent completes Class D cleanroom for supplement provider

"With our knowledge and experience in the field of cleanrooms, we successfully organised the project and achieved the agreed results," the company stated.

The first step in this project was the creation of detailed technical documentation through REVIT, an advanced design software. REVIT allowed us to visualise the space and optimise the layout of the equipment before we started the physical construction. This digital simulation gave us the ability to identify potential problems in advance and correct them before the physical materials were engaged.

Termovent completes Class D cleanroom for supplement provider

After the completion of the technical documentation, the process of ordering the equipment followed. All materials supplied for the project were of high quality and met pharmaceutical standards. One of the key features of this project was the complete adaptation of the cleanrooms to the needs of Mint Pharma and the very contours of the facility.

"Through REVIT software, we were able to develop a solution that perfectly matched the client’s requirements," the company commented. "Our standard galvanised sheet steel panels, in RAL 9016, ensure durability and corrosion resistance, which is vital for a sterile environment."

Sheet steel panels

In cooperation with the company Termoinženjering, we successfully achieved the class D, ISO 8 standard by precisely controlling temperature, humidity, and air flow, in accordance with strict pharmaceutical standards. Throughout the project, our team maintained close collaboration with Mint Pharma and Termoinženjering.

Effective communication played a vital role in determining room dimensions, incorporating additional built-in equipment such as door panels, and finalising other essential details. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team skillfully addressed and overcame any challenges that arose during the project.

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The manager of the architecture department in the Cleanroom Engineering division, Nikola Ciganović, who was one of the key people on this project, expressed his satisfaction with the results we achieved.

“This project was extremely inspiring and important to me," Ciganović said. "I had the opportunity to work on this project alongside my colleagues from Termovent and the company Termoinženjering. It was a pleasure collaborating with the colleagues from Termovent, including Radovan Bogdanović, the head of the assembly department, as well as Nenad Kolicić, the lead installer, and the following installers: Goran Funtunjerović, Nenad Pirojević, Damir Adamović, Miloš Petrović, Veljko Tomić, Robert Bajić, Bora Pralić, Igor Mitrović, Nebojša Vladušić and Srđan Stingić. Thanks to the cooperation of all the teams, we were able to deliver clean rooms that fully met the needs of Mint Pharm. I am proud of the results we achieved and our ability to provide top-notch support to the pharmaceutical industry.”

Termovent completes Class D cleanroom for supplement provider

Air handling units

Termovent actively contributed to the Mint Pharm project by manufacturing and supplying air handling units as well. In collaboration with Termoinženjering, Termovent successfully delivered a total of five Hygienic and Standard air handling units, which collectively provided an air flow capacity of 123,895 m³/h.

The company also spoke with Saša Milanović, Manager of the Maintenance department  from the Mint Pharma company, who said: “We are highly satisfied with the completed work. The collaboration with Termovent and Termoinženjering on this project was a great success, resulting in cleanrooms that fully meet our requirements and standards in the pharmaceutical industry. We extend our thanks to all the experts who dedicated their efforts to the realisation of this project.”

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